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Château Morritt


The safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. We follow
closely the sanitary measures imposed by the government and now the
COVID-19 vaccination passport. We are committed to providing a safe
environment for your peace of mind and well-being.
The COVID-19 vaccination passport is an official tool that will allow us to
prove that a person is adequately protected against COVID-19. This will allow
vaccinated individuals to access certain non-essential areas and activities
(events, training rooms, team sports, bars and restaurants). It will be required
for individuals 13 years of age and older.

We are taking the situation regarding COVID-19 extremely seriously and are
following all rules and recommendations issued by health authorities and the
hotel industry. We are taking stringent measures to maintain the highest
standards of hygiene and cleanliness and have implemented a number of
additional sanitary measures:
1. No-contact check-in/check-out.
2. Digital room key.
3. Hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the hotel.
4. Secured Rooms: No one other than you will enter your room during your
stay, so you can be sure your room is safe. All rooms are left empty for the
recommended time before being cleaned and reassigned, in accordance with
the cleaning protocol in place.
5. Increased disinfection of surfaces and high-contact areas.
6. Rigorous cleaning and sanitizing of all common areas, guest rooms and
meeting rooms.
7. Implementation of physical distancing practices in restaurants, bars,
8. Mandatory masks for all hotel staff.

For more information on protocols, please contact the Reception.